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As you can imagine the publishing industry in general is getting harder and harder with less advertisers and subscription models declining.

SBC has not made money now or prior to us taking over and before that for many years and eventually it went bankrupt.

We need to break even so our team is launching a new a model and this is the draft which will be update as it evolves with your feed back.

Our Goals & Focus:

  1. To be the best Skateboard magazine out their for Canada and the world!
  2. We need to support all Skateboarders and Skate Shops in Canada.
  3. We need to sell more subscriptions

  • So we are going to offer a shop section in the next magazine. Where shops can buy a small 1/8 page ad for a nominal discounted price $ 125.00 each and they will get a listing on our SBC site as well.
  • We will be are offering 10 issues free to shops where the shop(s) will pay for the mailing costs only and if they want to 10 more copies they will be $3.50 each plus delivery.
    Ex; If you just want to ship a box of 10 or 20 magazines; Parcel to Thunder Bay will cost $13.05 for 10 and $14.40 for 20 - plus tax.
    Single magazine would be best to mail First Class and for up to 300 grams (1 magazine) postage is $4.36, up to 500 grams (2 magazines) postage is $5.30.
  • We will be are offering free digital flipbooks of the magazines to all shops to share with their customers.
  • The retail price per issues is $9.99 each and we encourage shops to sell these or use to generate sales for you or include when your clients make a large purchase.
  • We are going to do some stories on shop owners across the country as well.

We all need to work together to grow this sport we all love!

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